Windows Speed Up Repair And Care

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Windows XP has a lot of great features and visual enhancements which make it a very attractive OS. However, with these features the operating system has a higher overhead, which means your hardware has to work even harder. This article will look at 7 effective Streamate tips on how to speed up Windows.

1. Disabling unneeded hardware devices

Every time you turn on your computer, it has to load and initialize all of your computer hardware. Keep in mind: Your Livejasmin computer has a lot of devices that you do not always use. These extra devices are loaded and initialized during every boot. When it does so, your computer's performance is slowed down.

2. Disabling unneeded services

A Jasmin Live service is a software application that runs continuously in the background while your computer is on. The Windows operating system has numerous jasminlive services that run in the background which provide basic functions to the system. Each of the services running in the background take up resources, such as memory and CPU time. On most computers, there are nearly 20 services that are loaded upon startup. Of these 20 services, only a handful are system critical services. All of the others jasmin cams can be disabled.

3. Defrag Your Drive

Over time, as your hard drive fills up and you install and uninstall jasmin cam programs and games, the files on your hard drive can become fragmented. Often the file is broken up into thousands of little pieces and scattered all over the hard drive.This cannot cause any significant jasminelive problems for your computer, but it can cause a noticeable performance slowdown, which can be easily cured by running a defragmenter software program.

Windows XP is a much more robust and simple operating system than both its predecessors thus making it the operating system of choice for all who are not concerned about flashy looks and UI but more concerned of getting down to business. And although it is a great functioning tool which needs virtually no help in running or maintaining itself for the most part you may need to perform a registry repair on your windows XP to keep it running as smooth and fast as it does when you first turn it on your brand new PC.

Before starting let me just give you a quick rundown on what a registry repair tool is. A registry tool is where all your and all the other users on your PC settings and options are saved these settings are for everything from the operating system itself to all the software that you use. And as it is constantly being accessed by your computer to be modified and changed that it can over time become damaged and or corrupted and seeing that it is so crucial to keep your PC running at peak speeds both performance and stability wise.

It is highly recommended that you use software's to windows registry cleaners to scan out any issues with your registry as it scans for any issues and dumps and deletes any files in the windows registry of your PC. And thanks to nowadays software these modern windows registry cleaning software's are much easier and simpler way to clean your registry without having to format or wipe your registry. And although your windows registry is a huge database it takes modern software only minutes to scan it completely for any bugs and errors from use. And even though there is a very common myth that these windows registry scans and repairs need to be only done once that is unfortunately not the case. But worry not with today's modern software you can set the windows registry repair software to automatically scan and repair your PC without interrupting you while you work or play away without being harassed. Now the only question remains is which registry repair software to pick? well having gone through books of registry repair software both freeware and paid.

The best and most outstanding software that I could find was the "RegCure" which is from a company named "Pareto Logic". Which is known for its repairs software's. And out of all of the registry repair software's I used the "RegCure" registry repair was head and knees ahead of its rivals with the most intuitive and easy to use interface and the quickest speeds when cleaning and scan the registry.

Windows Advices From The Software Expert

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Microsoft Windows users have greatly increased in numbers from every part of the world due to the various reasons they may have personally and professionally. There are so many ways to get the most of your Windows PC to improve your business, career and lifestyle.

I have listed here the 5 best tips that every Windows user should know and apply to their computer usage to maximize productivity, profitability and even creativity on a daily basis.

1. Optimizing Windows' System Performance

The NTFS protocol is more favorable than FAT32 for greater speed and accuracy in processing system tasks. You can even get a more reliable speed if you disable Windows Indexing. This gives you quicker processing time for such tasks as online connections and other server issues.

Windows Indexing can be disabled by opening My Computer. Right click on drive C or any other drive you want to include in the process. Click on Properties and make sure to uncheck "Allow Indexing Service." Empty your computer's Recycle Bin and Defragment all drives as much as possible.

2. Getting the Best of Everything with a Free Software

If you have just bought a laptop or a desktop without an office suite installed, a free alternative to Microsoft Office that provides maximum performance for enhanced productivity. This is the amazing Open Office.

Simply download this free software from and experience the power of the free office suite as it takes you to greater heights of sweet success each day. Use a safer browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer when downloading and installing Open Office to prevent the risks of malware or even hacking issues.

3. Capture the Power of Data Encryption for Windows XP Professional

Using Windows XP Professional gives you the advantage of encrypting files on your folder or sub-folders. This gives you enough privacy and security with your most important files and information within your system for personal or business use.

You can encrypt a file from My Documents. Select the file you want to put an encryption on, right click then go to Properties. This will direct you to the General Tab wherein you need to click the Advanced button. Check "Encrypt Contents to Secure Data." Click OK twice. The confirmation dialog box will appear and prompts you to select a folder or files for the final encryption process. You can now add more files in the future in this encrypted folder for maximum file security and enhanced business solutions.

4. Fixing CD Burning Problem

You may have encountered various problems with your multimedia device and one of the most troublesome issues here is when burning a CD for reproducing copies of your favorite music. People usually receive the message that the CD cannot be burned due to a system error. Simply visit your CD drive manufacturer's website and look for compatible CD types. If the CD you are currently using is not on the list, and then replace it with a compatible CD on that list as soon as possible to fix the issue.

5. Online Safety and Shopping Security

Shopping is even made more convenient and greatly flexible with just a mouse click. You can compare prices for an item you wish to purchase online. This lets you save time and makes you smarter in getting the best deals for your budget and other preferences. All you need is an online account like PayPal, Google Checkout, a credit or a debit card to pay your bills and have the item delivered to your home without any hassle.

Passwords and other personal data are encrypted so you do not have to worry about theft or any fraud. You can even return your purchased item for replacement if the seller offers a warranty or a return policy for each purchased item or service.

Now you see the Windows difference at all costs!

Save Time And Protect Your System by Updating Your Windows

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Protect your system by investing the time to update Windows. It is quick and easy. In order to prevent attacks, you have to keep your computer updated. Most infections are preventable and occur because of unpatched security holes. Don't let your system fall victim, spend a little quality-time with your computer today!

Check your update status - Go to the Microsoft Update webpage and choose the Express option. This works for 99% of the systems. It will evaluate your operating system status and recommend the necessary updates. Microsoft will identify the high-priority updates needed for your system. If you haven't updated your system recently, there may be several listed. Be sure to apply all the recommended critical updates. From this dashboard, you will be able to review your update history and get support. This is a good time to verify your backup or restore point.

Turn on automatic updates- If your computer is not set to receive notifications when new updates are available, turn the feature on. You will see a screen message to "Help protect your PC" on the right-hand side of the Welcome to Microsoft Updates screen and can turn on the Automatic Update feature by clicking the box Choose a time to install automatically or choose when you will manually install updates. Critical updates may require a reboot so choose a time that your computer will be on but will not interrupt your work. You can also complete these actions from Control Panel. Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 each have a different look, but will give the same options.

For managed service customers, these tasks and checks are usually done for you but it never hurts to double-check your settings. Updates are essential for your home system. Most attacks are against home systems because they are more often out-of-date.

Take a few minutes to update your system and if you have questions or need help, please feel free to contact us.